MLZS Key Highlights

1. CBSE Affiliation till class 12th therefore parents don’t need to worry about readmission after 10th board exams.
2. Highly qualified management as well as teaching staff.
3. NCERT books introduced from new session as they are specifically designed for CBSE curriculum. This also ensures that parents do not bear the burden of expensive books from private publishers.
4. IIT and Medical preparatory classes for students from Class 9th onwards. Our students don’t need to go for expensive tuition and coaching classes.
5. World class sports infrastructure with an aim to develop professional level sporting skills in our students. The vision is to win medals in national and international sporting events.
6. Facilities for exotic sports like Horse-Riding.
7. Part of the extensive Zee Learn family of 90+ fantastic schools spread across the country. Avenues for inter-school competitions, events and exchange programs leading to unmatched all-round development opportunities for our students.
8. Very well equipped science labs.
9. Music room equipped with different instruments like piano, keyboards, drums, guitars, tabla and harmonium.
10. Lowest tuition fee among schools of similar stature and infrastructure. 11. Well equipped hostel for boys from class 4th onwards.
12. Co-educational school providing a safe and healthy environment for our students to grow into smart and mature citizens.
13. Training in important life-skills like effective communications, personality development, emotional intelligence and financial management.
14. World-class technology infrastructure with three-tier internet connectivity backed by high-speed Jio fiber, dedicated broadband lease-line and 4G-GSM wireless network.
Special Facilities for Primary Students
15. Mini zoo and botanical garden for children to learn about their environment and different kinds of flora and fauna.
16. Teachers trained in child psychology and behaviour so that they can foster all-round development in the budding minds of toddlers.
17. Option for healthy and nutritious meals cooked in the school cafeteria.
Future Plans
18. Extra-curricular and academic tie-ups with international institutions in UAE, Europe and North-America.
19. Specialized sporting infrastructure for Shooting, Swimming and Golf.
20. Organic farming infrastructure to ensure students learn about agriculture and horticulture first hand.