Our Facilities

Facilities adapted to the needs and expectations of each child. A vast expanse of 5 acres provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. A spacious, elegant Reception area and the lush green playgrounds provide a very welcoming front to the school.
The three storey building has 37 well ventilated classrooms equipped with Smart Boards, which involves the students to learn with technology. The Multi-purpose room with its OHP’s, slide projector and screens is equipped both for workshops and seminars for teachers and students. State of the art ICT laboratory helps foster technological skills of the students. A scientific temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed Science and Robotics Lab. The school has a well-stocked library to encourage love for reading. A well designed Art Room offers excellent facilities for painting, drawing, clay modelling, printmaking, doll making etc for students to express their creativity. The Music and Dance Room has the best instruments and instructors to guide and hone the performing skills of the students.
Sports plays an integral part in developing a child’s mind and body and also creates a competitive environment. The school boasts of providing the following facilities:-
Sports : Cricket / Basketball / Lawn Tennis / Volleyball /Badminton /Swimming pool /Table Tennis /Taekwondo /Yoga
Cafeteria : The school cafeteria provides wholesome and nutritious mid-day meals for pre-primary students and assorted snacks, juices for the Primary and Senior students.
Green Campus : In this era of concrete dominance, we aim at making children live in a natural and healthy environment. The school has a lush green campus which is essential for a pollution free surrounding for the children.
Library : Our state-of-the-art modern library has a huge collection of carefully chosen books to cultivate reading habits amongst students of all grades. There are contemporary books from quality publishers and not just course books.
Medical Facility : We have a well-equipped Infirmary for basic medical emergencies with first aid facilities and a fulltime attendant with a doctor on call facility.
Safety and security : The school has 24/7 CCTV Surveillance, the activities and movements of the students on campus is monitored round the clock. Each and every member of the school staff and outsourced staff compulsorily identifies themselves with School RFID cards and Biometric impression before entering inside the campus building.
Composite Science Lab : Equipped with the latest and the best lab instruments and equipment’s, this lab would give hands-on experience to learners leading to conceptual understanding and scientific approach.
Computer Lab : Equipped with desktops and with access to internet connectivity, the students learn various computer applications, software and also explore the knowledge in a controlled and regulated environment.
Math Lab : Aided by and associated with the JodoGyan, our math lab is all about experiential learning of mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way through educational aids, interactive tools, computer interface and guidance from teachers.
Language Lab : Aided by the NIIT, our lab makes learning an enriching experience for the students with the use of audio visual inputs like E books, audio books, music, shadow play and storytelling.
Robotics Lab : It’s an active space where knowledge, skills and innovation meet and the young innovators discover the magic of using technology for solving problems using the “STEM” concept of robotics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in collaboration with Jay Robotix, Hyderabad.