Salient Features

  • CBSE curriculum that empowers every child to become a winner.
  • Preparation for competitive exams.
  • Special Programs for English Language development.
  • Activities including Music- Vocal and Instrumental, dance and art apart from literary activities.
  • Innovative lesson plans based on well-researched material, regular assessments and remedial tutorials if and when necessary.
  • Access to learning resources, age appropriate educational tools and technology.
  • Multiple Intelligence development to facilitate learning and feedback using customized child friendly strategies (Gardner’s Multiple intelligence theory)
  • Empowering children to think critically and analytically. Developing knowledge and creating new skill leads them to higher order thinking (Bloom’s taxonomy)
  • ‘Learning by Doing ‘and Developing everyday practical life skills (Montessori approach)
  • Personalization through nurturing of individual career aspirations / goals.
  • Overall development of students, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.